Rabbi Carlos Tapiero, Maccabi World Union

Thanks Rabbi Carlos Tapiero, Maccabi World Union for the message.

XIV Maccabi Tzair North Seminar: the epilog:
Our North Maccabi Tzair Seminar came to an end. We are truly grateful with David Posnack JCC / Maccabi Tzair Fort Lauderdale and with the Michael-Ann Russell Miami Aventura JCC / Maccabi Tzair Miami and its gracious hosts – Perla Sananes, Marleny Rosenberg, Simon Erdfrocht, and their fantastic teams – Tommy, Aaron, Chema, Moi, Alejandro… and so many others involved in what turned to be the biggest Maccabi Tzair North Seminar ever, with 180 participants from our Maccabi Tzair branches in San Diego, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Mexico and Guatemala – and the representatives of Maccabi Tzair Israel.
We want to thank Robert Croitorescu, Anabella & Oscar Jaroslavsky for their participation and that of their team at Hatzad Hasheni, and to all the professionals engaged – Gabriel from San Diego Jewish Community, Nicole from Macabi Tzair Guatemala, Adi Ratzon, Maccabi World Union shlichah at BZD, Joseph Levy – the unstoppable force on so many of our Maccabi Tzair Seminars, and the Hanagah of Maccabi Tzair CLAM, represented by Daro Sansone and Michelle Leizorek.
An incredible long weekend…
Chazak ve’ematz!!


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