Silvio Frydman and his ‘Asymmetries’ exhibit in honor of Pittsburgh victims

The artist Silvio Frydman documents March of the Living experience in ‘Asymmetries’ exhibit.
The exhibit ( named in honor of Pittsburgh victims) consists of 40 pairs of images shot by artist, photographer and curator Silvio D. Frydman of the 2017 and 2018 Miami’s Leo Martin March of the Living trips. These images from Poland and Israel are considered thought-provoking and to have a strong connection between each other. Half of the images depict a dehumanization process in humane terms and the other half are considered uplifting and inspirational. Together they are intended to invite the viewer to a dialog about the relevance of the Holocaust in the 21st century.

The exhibit is in English and Spanish, and all texts were written by Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar, executive director of the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education in Miami. It is on display through at least Jan. 13 and can be visited daily. Guided tours are optional. Contact CAJE-Miami’s office at 305-576-4030 or Frydman at 305-573-8115 for more information on the exhibit.


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