Silvio Frydman (Witnesses for Life)

Silvio Frydman:
My third photographic exhibit in partnership with CAJE is now at Beth Torah Benny Rock Campus in Aventura, Florida until January 19th, 2019.

This exhibit will be officially named after the Pittsburgh massacre THE TREE OF LIFE. This traveling, thought provoking and bilingual exhibit -English and Spanish- is a dialog between 40 pairs of images selected amongst 8000 from the 2017/8 March of the Living.

The Torah displayed on the exhibit that was brought to the 2018 March by Rabbi Eliezer Wolf, has a cover that reads ETZ HAIM or THE TREE OF LIFE.

This exhibit will be displayed all over Dade County throughout the Summer of 2019.

Silvio Frydman, the Internationally awarded Artist-Photographer and Curator is currently partnering with the Holocaust Memorial and Yad Vashem to create.additional exhibits and educational programs.

This exhibit is suitable to all generations. No gruesome images are included.

The core exhibit is called Project 180: Witnesses for Life and is displayed at the CAJE Art Space at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation,


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