The Diary Of Anne Frank – JCAT

The Jewish Cultural Arts Theatre (JCAT) of the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach presents The diary of Anne Frank, a play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett based upon “Anne Frank: The diary of a Young Girl”. Newly adapted by Wendy Kasselman, Directed by Michael Andron. Thanks Mia Blachman (Anne Frank) And Michael Andron ( Director) for the Interviews ============================================ JCAT ‘THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK’ INSPIRING AND GRIPPING TO OPEN SEASON By Marvin Glassman Jewish Journal The Jewish Cultural Arts Theatre (JCAT) of the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach showed much promise for its current season by showcasing the 1997 Wendy Kesselman adaption of the two act play “The Diary Of Anne Frank”, running now through November 4 at its debut at the new Alan and Diane Lieberman Theater on the JCC campus. Directed by JCAT founder Michael Andron and a team of ten adult and teen actors, the production revealed new aspects to the original 1955 play that captures a more accurate insight into the tensions, warmth and uncertainty of the future for Anne Frank, her parents and sister, the Van Daan family and Mr. Dussel. Standing out in their portrayals of Anne Frank, teen actors Mia Blachman and Julia Eiglarsh captured both the tension that Anne felt in coming to grips with the reality of living and coping with a new family being both protected but also secluded from the horrors of Jews being rounded up by the Nazis in The Netherlands. The audience learns of Anne’s vulnerability as a teen, her rapport and attraction to Peter (teen actor Tristan Breaux) as well as her conflicts with both her mother (Peggy Linker) and Mrs. Van Daan (Linda Drodzow) as Anne shares her feelings and hopes for the future in her diary. The ten actors created both the tension and the inspiration that follows the capture of the families with Otto Frank (Brian Goldberg) sharing the anguish but also the uplifting hope of his daughter in an inspiring epilogue. Excerpts of radio broadcasts that the families heard in captivity were dramatic interludes in the story created by the JCAT technical director Zachary Pitchman and the contrasting civilian/prisoner costumes created by Carole Barou-Mootoo showed the visual journey of the characters.. The new adaption created by JCAT offers a more realistic and inspiring interpretation of Anne Frank’s story without excessive violence and is well worth seeing even for those who have seen the original “The Diary Of Anne Frank” film or play. “The Diary Of Anne Frank” runs now through November 4 at the JCAT at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, 18900 NE 25th Avenue in North Miami Beach. For show times and tickets, go to or call 866-811-4111.


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