CADENA INITIATIVE (Cadena Foundation)

CADENA Initiative is a contest of ideas where middle school children propose an idea to prevent or respond in a better way to a natural disaster.

Promoting skills such as research, analysis and problem solving, young people aged 12 to 15 have surprised us with great ideas to support vulnerable communities. The winning idea is implemented by CADENA on their Humanitarian Aid Mission.

CADENA Initiative offers a forum for all creative minds involving schools, students and parents to actively improve the world.

CADENA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance in emergencies and natural disasters around the world through the “hand-in-hand” method of assistance, which consists of delivering the aid directly collected to the affected people on behalf of the local Jewish community.

From its founding in 2005 till the date, CADENA has carried out more than 214 humanitarian aid missions in Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, Chile, Nepal, Kenya, Turkey, the Philippines, Syria, Vanuatu, India, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, and other countries.

Annie Vainrub now works as the Regional Director of Education for CADENA INTERNATIONAL. She is dedicated to educating and inspiring children to understand CADENA’S mission and to be able to help people and their communities to become resilient and be prepared in case of a natural disaster.


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