Kavanah Life Jewish Singles all Ages

South Florida Jewish singles recently gathered at a soiree in Miami Beach in an effort to discover ways to meet their soul mate. The host for this recent “South Beach event for Jewish Singles” was Rabbi Samuel Intrator of the synagogue Kavanah Life. The evening featured a panel presentation and interactive breakout discussion groups aimed to empower singles to share their common experiences and ideas for proactive solutions. Intrator, who estimated more than 150 people attended this event and that at some point the turnout may have edged towards 200, said regarding the event’s goals, “For like-minded people to meet and get acquainted with each other all the while they were enjoying gourmet Asian delicacies and later in the evening engage in more focused conversation.”


El Rabino Samuel Intrator reunió más de 150 “jewish singles” de todas las edades para lograr establecer una relación entre ellos y quizás ayudar a que encuentren su alma gemela. Intrator es el creador de Kavanah Life, entidad que organiza actividades para solos y solas, como esta exitosa noche en South Beach.


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