Miriam Peretz, Mother of Fallen Soldiers: I Choose Life

Miriam Peretz’s life story is one of courage and strength.
After losing two of her sons in battle in the IDF, she not only carried on, but became a source of comfort and strength to the entire Isreal.
Hailed by the Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu
Miriam has won the prestigious Menachem Begin Prize, and has been toasted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said, “The entire nation draws strength from her courage.”

Miriam are going to be in Miami in Chabad of Boca Raton december 6 at 6 PM.

La historia  de Miriam Peretz,  coraje y fortaleza. Después de perder a dos de sus hijos en  batalla con el IDF,   ella no solo continuó, sino que se convirtió en una fuente de consuelo y fortaleza para todo el pueblo de Israel.

 Miriam estará en Miami en Chabad de Boca Raton el 6 de diciembre a las 6 PM


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